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Consumer Trust Level in Health Plans

Trust in Healthcare at an All Time Low

Trust among key stakeholders in health care and the consumers they serve — Out of 100% 

Source: 11th Annual ReviveHealth Trust Index™



Our Philosophy

Our influence will change the way you approach employee benefits. 


My background as a senior executive at several of the largest employee benefit brokers has provided a clear view into the challenges that employers face.  Health care is complicated, and companies are preoccupied managing their core business. Most CFOs and HR Leaders largely lack the time and patience to grasp the complex, non-intuitive interventions involved. Brokers are expected to bring fresh ideas and manage the wild cost escalation of our health care system.  What ultimately happens - deductibles get raised, purposeless strategies continue and clients move on. 

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Health care benefits are likely one of your largest corporate expenses. On the employee benefits side, patients are employees. Having a good experience with employer-provided health care means that employees will be healthier, more productive, and more engaged. We balance cost savings with employee satisfaction and deliver solutions that outperform the market. We are a team of the most respected resources that are redefining the delivery of broker and consulting services.  We are not bound by rigid corporate standards that dictate how we serve our clients. We are vigorously independent, highly entrepreneurial and extremely nimble.

We are the catalyst needed to regain control of your health care strategy.

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We honor God by creating benefit brands that are engaging, exceptional, and unforgettable

Our Mission. 


Our Purpose

​We Bring Intense Focus to Your Benefit Strategy

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Tom McGaffic

Managing Partner


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