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Life + Disability

Commitment to Income Protection

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Details Determine Destination

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Delivering Peace of Mind

Many employees assume that a disability only refers to catastrophic conditions, such as paralysis from a car accident or a debilitating stroke. However, disabilities typically are the result of less severe injuries and more common conditions such as pregnancy, back pain, depression, and digestive disorders. Studies have shown that access to disability insurance for employees reduces the prevalence of workers compensation claims and lowers the overall total employer health care cost.  Most life and disability plans have policy language that vastly impacts the level of coverage available to your employees. To complicate this, multiple states have statutory disability requirements for employees that may reside or work in these states. 


Employers and employees face a myriad of challenges complying with and understanding these requirements.  This includes enrolling rehired employees, evidence of insurability, eligibility guidelines, navigating definitions of disability, actively at work provisions, accelerated death benefits, waivers of premium, premium remittance, new employees due to a merger or acquisition and portability and conversion.


We assist employers to select coverage that meets the needs of their employee population and to tie benefits messaging to organizational values and culture.

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