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Compliance Services

Navigating Complex Legislation

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Compliance Solutions

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Minimizing Financial Exposure

Multiple agencies govern employee rights, notice requirements, privacy, access and affordability of coverage.  Determining your responsibilities and organizing the process to meet deadlines is critical.  While DOL audits are a risk, employers face the greatest exposure from participant civil suites.  These are common when employers do not have the required documents in place.  The terms of eligibility can also be challenged when critical documents are missing or plan language is contradictory.  These mistakes can present significant exposure.  Your workforce’s access to a computer also dictates how you are permitted to communicate important disclosure documents. 

​Our compliance solutions include:

  • ERISA counsel to evaluate challenging compliance scenarios

  • Form 5500 development and signature ready documents

  • Summary plan description creation

  • Cafeteria documents to satisfy section 125 requirements

  • Nondiscrimination testing and assistance

  • HIPPA disclosures

  • DOL notice requirements

  • State specific guidelines

  • ACA Compliance

We work with employers to develop processes and procedures to satisfy your compliance responsibilities. We develop easy to follow timelines, implement best practices and outline your compliance exposures.

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