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Worksite Solutions

Enhancing Benefit Offerings

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Comprehensive Benefit Solutions

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Increase Choice and Improve Experience

Worksite benefits create an appealing benefits package, extending well beyond traditional core health care programs. Worksite programs are voluntary in nature with little to no cost to an employer.  Employees can choose from a number of insurance products to complement their coverage and to help achieve a greater degree of financial stability. These benefits enhance appreciation and the perceived value of an employee benefit package.  They help you differentiate from other employers, reduce employee turnover, and increase employee satisfaction. Common worksite benefits include critical illness insurance,  hospital indemnity coverage, and accident insurance.


We help employers identify the unique combination of benefits to improve their benefit strategy.  Through this process, we design a package  to retain and attract high quality employees.  We evaluate price, coverage provisions, communication plans and service delivery to identify the most favorable carrier partners.

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