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Health Care Reform

Regulation + Uncertainty

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Navigating Change

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National Health Policy at a Cross-Roads

In 2020 health care was a key issue for many voters across both major parties.  Now, congress will face many questions on prescription drug prices, surprise billing, cost transparency and the pandemic response.  Many of these changes will occur at the legislative level and have a direct impact on employers operating health plans. 


The health system is directed and managed by dozens of federal and state agencies.  The Affordable Care Act increased the number of stakeholders monitoring and enforcing legislation. The call for change to the current health system is significant, including extreme shifts towards “Medicare for all”, a single-payer system administered by the federal government. 2021 and beyond will surely mark an inflection point for US health care policy. Employers will undoubtedly be facing changing compliance requirements as current legislation is challenged in the court system and new policies are enacted. We are prepared to deliver the insight and direction to ensure your benefit strategy is proactively aligned to address future uncertainty.

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